Daughter and granddaughter of hebertists, I became a federal instructor in 2012, and have since worked on redesigning the training system for sports executives for Sport’nat® Belgium while completing my own course. Enchanted by computer graphics and web management, I take care of many of the Internet sites of the federation. I also plead guilty on multiple drawings, photos and digital or physical publications. The beautiful international dynamic that unfolds in recent years enchants me and this is why I organize from time to time a camp or Hebertist seminar …

International talk 30/04/23

On the sidelines of the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Belgian tree climbing federation, which took place on Saturday April 29, 2023 in Waterloo to celebrate two anniversaries with one stone (the 60th anniversary of the center of Waterloo should have taken place in 2022 but the death of their president decided otherwise), a discussion was held the next morning between the various people who had come from […]

SeMeNEP 2019

Français Organized by With the support of Schedule All interventions will be translated in advance into English or French according to the initial language: participants will receive a summary in their own language (the booklet distributed back there is accessible here, by clicking on the icon ; same about the contributions here under). Each intervention includes a questions and answers period in both languages. Thursday May the 30th, 2019 […]

SET2 : follow us all the week long

We will publish the summary video of the previous day every morning : we are in the middle of SET2 (Sport’nat European Training), and some live images will illustrate these intense moments of international sharing. Yesterday’s images show the morning spent in Jamioulx. We weren’t able to film the swimming session at the public swimming pool in Charleroi, and the afternoon of theoretical lessons on the MeNEP methodology went […]

SeMeNEP 2019 : What does being Hebertist means in 2019 ?

Next May 30th & 31st, 2019, taking benefit from the 10th Anniversary of the obstacles runway of Sport’nat® Esneux celebrated on June 1st and 2nd,  we invited everyone to join us of a two-days brainstorming seminar with intense reflexions. « What does being Hebertist means in 2019 ? » : This question deserved a precise and collective treatment, and can not be resolve in a snap… Referring for example to the works of […]

SET 1 : back to such an event

Pushed on the back by Italian and German people that came to visit Belgian hebertists centers in 2012, 2013 and then took part to the 40th birthday of the Hebertist center of Esneux – newly renamed Sport’nat Esneux – celebrated in 2014, the Belgian hebertists set up a weekend of training in English, for all and foreigners avid to become instructors in the Natural Method. This weekend had for name : […]

Rules of the Ball-Barr

The Ball-Barr game rules may vary according to the situation and environment. This is why we decided to establish the following specific rules for the 70th anniversary’s tournament of next July 1st2018. We copy it here so everyone will be able to train, preparing to the next Ball-Barr tournament. The Belgian federation decided, during the biannual General Meeting, to organize such tournament once a year. Teams :  In order to […]

SIP Camp 1 : Belgian clubs tour

In May of 2016, the first SIP Camp were born : we spend seven days traveling from one hebertist center to another, visiting all the Belgian centers. Ten to see, fourteen half-days.  Not everyone stayed the full week. But it makes fifteen persons, coming from Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, Croatia and Netherlands, who discovered how hebertism was practiced in Belgium. Day 1 : 1st May, arriving and visiting Asse’s club. […]

SIP Camp 2 : exploration and… vacation.

[To be translated] Le SIP Camp 2, cette semaine formidable durant laquelle nous avons vécu au rythme de la Provence et de l’hébertisme, est déjà un souvenir pétillant dans nos esprits. Le programme était chargé, diversifié, et chacun•e en a eu pour son compte, avec même quelques premières mémorables pour certain•e•s. Installé•e•s sur le terrain de “la Palestra”, maison de vacances de Bernadette et Charles Demelenne, nous avons commencé par […]


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