SIP Camp 1 : Belgian clubs tour

In May of 2016, the first SIP Camp were born : we spend seven days traveling from one hebertist center to another, visiting all the Belgian centers. Ten to see, fourteen half-days. 

Not everyone stayed the full week. But it makes fifteen persons, coming from Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, Croatia and Netherlands, who discovered how hebertism was practiced in Belgium.

Day 1 : 1st May, arriving and visiting Asse’s club.

Day 2 : visiting Brussels club  in the morning, Waterloo’s in the afternoon. 

Day 3 : the seniors training in Jamioulx in the morning, Thuin in the afternoon, Historical speech in the evening. 

Day 4 : Mons in the morning, Jamioulx and it’s Ball-Barr in the afternoon. 

Day 5 : Marche-en-Famenne in the morning, Liège in the afternoon. 

Day 6 : Visé in the morning, Seraing in the afternoon, Technical speech in the evening. 

Day 7 : Esneux and hebertist swimming in Sart-Tilman. 

Other SIP Camps : 

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The place to be : La Fraineuse

Avenue Amédée Hesse, 41A

4900 Spa