SET2 : follow us all the week long

We will publish the summary video of the previous day every morning : we are in the middle of SET2 (Sport’nat European Training), and some live images will illustrate these intense moments of international sharing.

Yesterday’s images show the morning spent in Jamioulx. We weren’t able to film the swimming session at the public swimming pool in Charleroi, and the afternoon of theoretical lessons on the MeNEP methodology went by at breakneck speed. The rich discussions of the evening devoted to the institutional functioning of the Hebertist Section of the FBHY were not filmed either.

What is missing from the images of Monday, October 30, 2022 are the hours spent with Aurore Compère in the woods in the afternoon, working on the safety that the exercises of physical education by the natural method (MeNEP) suppose and allow. But these images will show you the premises we occupy at the ADEPS Center in Loverval, and the two experts (Mathieu Cosse and Pierre Philippe-Meden) who befriended us to come and give lessons in training theory and history of hebertism.

The images for the day of Tuesday, November 1, 2022 are almost complete. It was mainly spent on different terrains: the Hébert slopes of Jamioulx and Thuin. Led for late afternoon practice and theory by Thérèse Draye and Suzanne Collard. And closed with a few exercises in environmental philosophy and moral philosophy, led by Aurore Compère.

We took few images of Wednesday 2, which was entirely devoted to the “first aid in sports” module, taught by Julien, from the Ligue Francophone Belge de Sauvetage. The evening was spent preparing for the exams.

Thursday, November 3, 2022, a day devoted to theoretical and practical exams, gives us some beautiful images of the exercises offered by our candidates. Too bad the weather didn’t deign to be part of it: an additional adaptation challenge for the 8 participants who had to carry out their practical exam in wind and rain.

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