International talk 30/04/23

On the sidelines of the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Belgian tree climbing federation, which took place on Saturday April 29, 2023 in Waterloo to celebrate two anniversaries with one stone (the 60th anniversary of the center of Waterloo should have taken place in 2022 but the death of their president decided otherwise), a discussion was held the next morning between the various people who had come from abroad for the event. The goal: that we meet and get to know each other better.

We fully recorded the meeting, so that those absent can intervene by commenting on the discussion below.

As decided during this discussion, a next online meeting will be organized during the month of July, or in August. A Doodle will be sent to all people already invited for this first meeting, and to anyone who has made themselves known via the comments below.

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The place to be : La Fraineuse

Avenue Amédée Hesse, 41A

4900 Spa