Philippe COMPERE

SIP Camp 3 : well earned summer break.

As soon as the 70th anniversary of Sport’nat® is over, it’s towards the second big event of this summer that all the energy is focused, the 3rd edition of SIP Camp. This camp took place from 28/7 to 5/8 in Faucon (South of France), at the foot of Mont Ventoux, under a blazing sun but in the good mood and enthusiasm of the 12 participants (1/4 more than last year […]

How to prepare your own comfrey cream ?

As explained on the Wikipedia page (French only), Hebertism as a holistic philosophy of life, goes far beyond the practice of the Natural Method of Physical Education that we exercise, but encompasses all aspects of quality of life including nutrition (healthy eating), etc. Naturopathy is therefore an integral part of it and that is why, at the request of several Belgian and foreign members, we share with you this recipe […]


The place to be : La Fraineuse

Avenue Amédée Hesse, 41A

4900 Spa