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Christian BEUGNIER

Sport’nat® “Gymnat” Thuin

Son of Marcel BEUGNIER, one of the founders of the Belgian federation of Hebertism.  Instructor in MN since more than 50 years. (Past) president of Sport’nat® Belgium for 25 years. Current president of FBHY.

Corrine CLOUET

Centre Hébertiste Nantais

Already 36 years that I practice the hebertism, that I discovered by my friend Geneviève, current President of CH Nantes.
It is with enthusiasm and pleasure that I lead our outdoor sessions, regardless of the public – children and/or adults.
I never miss an opportunity to promote our activity 🙂



Sport’nat® Val d’Heure

I am practicing hebertism for 18 years at the Center Hebert Val d’Heure. Since my arrival or almost, I also was the treasurer. A few years later, in 2005, I became a certified instructor by ADEPS. I was elected president of my center a year ago.

I am an instructor trainer and I was elected co-president of Sport’nat® Belgium at the same time as Philippe, in October 2017.


Sport’nat® Esneux & RCAE

Daughter and granddaughter of hebertists, I became a federal instructor in 2012, and have since worked on redesigning the training system for sports executives for Sport’nat® Belgium while completing my own course. Enchanted by computer graphics and web management, I take care of many of the Internet sites of the federation. I also plead guilty on multiple drawings, photos and digital or physical publications. The beautiful international dynamic that unfolds in recent years enchants me and this is why I organize from time to time a camp or Hebertist seminar …



Sport’nat® Esneux

I fell into the pot when I was little, my father being a fan of Hebertism and a pioneer of MN in Belgium – He used to be instructor in Africa, trainer at the scouts and founder of the Hebert Center of Esneux. I trained all my youth, taking part in the courses of Pierre Barron and all the challenges organized at the time before becoming a trainer and trainer instructors in my turn.

Philippe COMPÈRE

Sport’nat® Esneux

More than 35 years of practice of MN, Sport’nat® instructor since 20 years, and current co-president of Sport’nat® Belgium. While marrying Dominique, I married with Hebertism at the same time… 



Sport’nat® AHEB

2015 pensioner of his work
2005 received as Level 1 Hebertism Monitor
1995 beginning of Hebertism as a practitioner
1983 became Liégeois to avoid daily AR from Brussels
1978-1979 compulsory military service
1977 graduated industrial engineer in construction (BTP) at the ISIB
1954 birth ..
I am not “performant” on the physical level especially for that which requires flexibility or explosiveness.
My motto: “We have the right to do better than the monitor, especially when the monitor is me”.
I have a great understanding for people with reduced physical abilities, whether it is by old age or on the contrary by a lack of psychomotor maturity or by a lack of experience or an handicap.

Thérèse DRAYE

Sport’nat® Val d’Heure

I was President of the Val d’Heure Center for 33 years before passing it to Suzanne last year. I am a professor of physical education – now retired for two years -, a trainer since 1989, trainer of instructors and head of the Training Commission of Sport’nat® Belgium.

Équilibre sur le parcours Hébert d'Asse


Gymnasia Natural Alicante

I heard “natural gym” for the very first time studying Pestalozzi at uni. After uni, I started to develop my own training method and in 2012 I trained myself on Hebert’s MN, which I incorporated to my method, Gimnasia Natural, and included it as the foundation of this.

Currently, our work is focused on documenting and communicating all the applications of  Gimnasia Natural: we give academic training to Ph.E. teachers, social educators, physiotherapists, we deliver training workshops for different realms, we counsel public organisations on designing parcours, we lead projects with a range of public entities and we have weekly training groups. 

Nadja HAHN

Munich Tracers



Association Georges Hébert

Grandson of Georges Hébert, son of Régis Hébert, I fell into it from the cradle. I used to be monitor in Hebert Centers for 15 years. I am currently President of the Georges Hébert Association.


Jacques HÉBERT

Association Georges Hébert

Grandson of Georges Hébert, oldest son of Régis Hébert, I fell into it from the cradle…



Centre Hébertiste d’Orléans
2017/2018: Educator training day at the Foundation for the School.
2015/2016/2017: Direction of the T.P. license STAPS of Orleans: MN Refoundation of the Hebertist Center of Orleans,
2008 Experimentation of the Natural Method in college ZEP<
2004/2010 Foundation of a free group in Orléans
2004 BEES 2 ° taekwondo and DA (high level / training)
2000 Bi-admissible aggregation Monitorat first aid Lifeguard lifeguard (option: lifeguard trainer)
1993 Monitorat EPMS 1st Marine Infantry Regiment
1994 Professor of Physical Education and Sports
1993 DEUG LICENSE MASTER STAPS – IFEPSA – Angers 1989/1993


Université Paris 8 / MSH-Paris Nord

Pierre Philippe-Meden is a doctor (PhD) in aesthetics, science and technology of the arts. His research focuses on the issues of body ecology in the history of physical education, sports and performing arts.

Pierre Philippe-Meden


Outdoor Oberberg

Having started in 2013 with my first MN trainings on my own, I have received a real boost in the SET 1 meeting in 2015. In 2016 I joined the whole SIP Camp 1 with an enlightening trip through all MN-Centers in Belgium. Since then I had introduced MN in the daily work of our educational non-profit-organisation and am practising it personally and with my family still with joy, sharing it with hundreds of people every year in my work.


Forlì (Fc) – Spettine (PC)

I first met hebertism when I was 11 y/o in a Scouts Camp in Italy. It has been love at first sight. Then, I’ve never stopped training.
As I was a gymnastic coach for 10 years, I also experienced hebertism as a trainer inside Scouts Camp and Scouts Workshop for teenager and adults.
I’m still doing at least 4/5 workshop per year.
I started collecting Hebert’s books and studyingi his educative method in depth about 12 years ago and I’m particularly interestead in educative method for school system by MN.


AGESCI (scout association) – ETREFORT (my sport association)

I discovered hebertism for the first time in 1999 in my scout group. In the summer of 2002 I took part to a 5 days hebertism camp in Costigiola, the scout center where since 2008 I lead a lot of hebertism workshop and camp for boys and adults during the year. Meanwhile I studied all Hébert books, I took part to the first SEP and I trained in almost all the Belgium Hébert Centers in an 8 day trip with international friends… and some more thing could be add !

The place to be

Centre ADEPS La Fraineuse

Avenue Amédée Hesse, 41A
4900 Spa Belgium

Train : Spa
Bus : Spa Fraineuse

Website : ADEPS

In short

The SeMeNEP is a two-days seminar aimed at finding an answer to the question « What does being Hebertist mean in 2019 ? ». Without trying to lock up each other in a doctrinal straitjacket that would impoverish our practices, we will try to reach a “lowest common denominator” that allows us to state clearly who we are, while leaving us free to experiment and to help improving the method, as G. Hébert wished it himself.